Stockists are entitled to a stock cleanse once a year which is subject to the following terms and procedure.

  1. Invoking the stock cleanse facility.
    Contact Deta customer services who will require the following
    a. A 3 for 1 compensating order (with a minimum value of £250).
    b. An official debit note; other forms of notifications such as write downs lists will not be accepted.
    c. Invoice numbers must be supplied to support the claim. Failure to supply these invoice numbers will result in the stock cleanse being rejected.
  1. Preparing the stock cleanse
    a. Product being returned must
        i. Be of the current technical specification
        ii. Be in the current packaging design
        iii. Have been purchased in the preceding 12 months (validated by the invoice numbers you have supplied)
        iv. Be in pristine re-saleable condition
        v. Be in full inner box quantities in pristine condition.
    b. The following products are not included in this stock cleanse policy
        i. Cable
        ii. Conduit tube and fittings
        iii. Special order items (incl. engraved products)
        iv. PPE
        v. Customer own labelled / own branded products
  1. Once your debit note has been authorised
    a. The compensating order will be processed.
    b. The local Deta sales manager will inspect the stock cleanse at your premises where it will then be sealed with Deta tape.
    c. A returns authorisation number will be issued and an email confirming return details will be sent by customer services.
  1. Returning the stock cleanse
    a. The returns authorisation number must be clearly visible on all outer boxes being returned.
    b. The returns authorisation number must also be clearly marked on the outside of each pallet.
    c. Stock must be returned to Deta within 7 days of the returns authorisation number being issued.
    d. Returning the stock cleanse to Deta will be at the customer’s own cost and insurance.
    e. On arriving at Deta, the returns will be immediately rejected and returned to you if
        i. The returns authorisation number is not clearly visible.
        ii. The Deta tape is missing or has been tampered with.
  1. Inspection of stock cleanse at Deta
    a. Returned stock will be inspected to ensure that product meets the criteria set out above.
    b. Where product fails to meet the criteria, the stock will be rejected and you will be notified accordingly.
    c. Any stock rejected and returned back to the customer will be at the customer’s own cost and insurance.